Directed at The Atlantic

Confessions of a Russian Spy

I directed, shot, and edited this documentary in 2019. Denniss Metsavas, an Estonian military officer, spent 10 years spying for Russia against his will. In this archive / interview documentary, Metsavas tells his story for the first time.

A Muslim Among the Settlers

I directed, shot, and edited this documentary exploring Israel's settlement movement from late 2017 to early 2018.  Writer Wajahat Ali embarks on a personal quest to understand the perspectives of some of the 400,000 Israeli Jews who live in the occupied territory in defiance of international law—and to hear from the Palestinians who oppose them.

Rebranding White Nationalism: Inside the Alt-Right

I directed, shot, and edited this documentary profiling Richard Spencer in the fall of 2016. The full documentary and a corresponding excerpt have been viewed over 50 million times worldwide. I spoke to Storyhunter about directing the documentary here

  Can the Left Rebuild in the Deep South?

I directed, shot, and edited this documentary profiling democratic candidate Jon Ossoff in the spring of 2017. Ossoff ran to replace Tom Price in Georgia's sixth district and is a rising star in the Democratic Party.

Church Militant: A Right-Wing Media Empire in the Making

I directed, shot, and edited Church Militant in the spring of 2017. The film profiles rising right-wing Catholic personality Michael Voris on his quest to build a right-wing media empire. I spoke to Independent Magazine about directing the documentary here.

How North Korea Became a Crisis

I directed, shot, and edited this explainer on North Korea with journalist Mark Bowden for his July cover story in The Atlantic.

How to Build an Autocracy

I directed, shot, and edited this explainer for David Frum's cover story, "How to Build an Autocracy." The video has been viewed more than 3 million times on Facebook and YouTube, and laid the groundwork for The Atlantic's explainer series, Atlantic Arguments

How Do I Explain America to My Black Son?

In this animation, Atlantic journalist Vann Newkirk reflects on his childhood in the South as an African American as he plans to raise his newborn son. I produced this video along with animator Caitlin Cadieux. 

The Cyborg Drummer 

I directed, shot, and edited this documentary on cyborg drummer Jason Barnes in the fall of 2015, my debut documentary at The Atlantic.

Obama's Red Line That Wasn't

I directed, shot, and edited this explainer on the Syria red line crisis for Jeffrey Goldberg's seminal cover story, "The Obama Doctrine."

Independent work

Mountain of Servants, 2015

Mountain of Servants is the story of five Assyrian Christians who struggle to protect what's left of their dwindling Christian heritage in Southeastern Turkey.

I directed, produced, and shot Mountain of Servants in June 2014. The film screened at a dozen film festivals in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and won top awards at four. 

Directed by Daniel Lombroso, Produced by Mehmet Aziz Yirik, Narrated by John Cavanagh, Sound Design by Sylvain Paradis


Let's Do Something (That You'll Regret), 2013

I directed, shot, and edited this music video for independent Montreal artist, Crawford Smith. 

A Life Less Ordinary, 2013

I produced, shot, and edited this promotion video for The Jaffa Institute, an NGO that works with underprivileged communities in Tel Aviv.