Recently Published

The McGill Tribune

"In War-Torn Middle East, Freelance Journalists Hunt for Stories and Sales" [March 24th, 2015]

An article exploring the motivations of young freelance journalists covering the Middle East and the ethical responsibilities of newspapers who buy stories off them.


"Voices of Istanbul" [March, 2014]

A blog that I started during nationwide municipal elections in Turkey. The blog was picked up by The Huffington Post, and received significant attention in Turkey and the US.

The McGill Tribune

"Sultan of the Turkish Republic?" [March 26th, 2014]

An article written before the March 30th municipal elections in Turkey.

The McGill Daily

"Why We Must Learn to Hug the Jewish State" [October 7th, 2013]

An op-ed written during the John Kerry-led Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in 2013.